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Which Protein Powder Is Finest For You?

I am requested nearly day by day to present suggestions to followers and customers on which protein they need to take. Whether or not they put up an image of the protein they’re at the moment utilizing or are asking which of the JYM proteins they need to eat, I’ve observed it is a BIG subject, so I am going to break all of it down right here.

What protein must you NOT take?

Let’s get this off the desk first. A easy rule to observe is to take a look at the label of your protein powder. If it accommodates whey protein focus, toss it.

Why do concentrates suck? As a result of they lack protein!

The phrase you must familiarize your self with is “focus.” This sort of protein is full of lactose and solely about 50%-70% precise protein. Opposite to whey protein isolate, it is a subpar model of protein.

Whey protein isolate (WPI for brief) accommodates 90% or extra protein with just about no lactose. For those who’ve ever taken a protein shake and had abdomen points, the seemingly wrongdoer is whey focus protein.

Concentrates are additionally low cost!

Whey protein focus is cheaper than different types of protein (like isolates), so it is smart why most firms go for this subpar model with out regard to the standard the customers are getting.

My proteins—Pro JYM, Iso JYM, Plant JYM, even Mass JYM and my JYM Bar—will NEVER comprise such a materials. No whey protein concentrates ever!

How to verify your protein is not a focus: examine the substances.

So, the place precisely do you look to verify such a protein is NOT in your protein powder? Each label has an “Substances” checklist proper under the Complement Details panel. Verify to see if “Whey Protein Focus” is on the checklist. If the product is an efficient, high quality protein powder, it will not be.

Some merchandise comprise each whey focus and isolate—that will not work both. Your protein ought to comprise isolates solely.

How to decide on between Professional JYM, Plant JYM, and Iso JYM:

Now that I’ve given you the fundamentals on what protein kind to keep away from (concentrates), let’s assessment what protein it’s best to take and the choices which are greatest for you.

Relating to my protein powders, you may discover I supply three completely different choices: Professional JYM, Plant JYM and Iso JYM.

The rationale I supply a number of choices is as a result of I create options for each you and me. Observe that every one three JYM proteins are gluten-free, soy-free, and lactose-free.

Let’s get into every product so you may make an informed choice on which to decide on based mostly in your objectives and dietary wants…

Professional JYM—an ideal protein powder mix earlier than and after exercises.

Professional JYM is a mix of whey protein isolate, casein, and egg protein. (It additionally accommodates milk protein isolate, which is simply made up of whey and casein.) Analysis exhibits that such a mix is greatest for maximizing your outcomes earlier than and after coaching.

Why? It is as a result of approach every protein supply works. Whey is quick performing and spikes muscle protein synthesis (MPS), whereas egg is a medium-digesting protein that permits that spike to final even longer. Lastly, the casein protein helps maintain that spike even longer.

Why do you need to spike muscle protein synthesis?

As a result of that is the way you construct muscle and recuperate from intense exercises. Extra muscle = much less fats. For those who’re all for constructing muscle, burning fats, and getting the most effective MPS spike round coaching, Professional JYM is for you!

Is Professional JYM greatest for everybody? Usually, sure, however many components come into play. Lately I’ve developed an egg allergy, which implies no extra Professional JYM for me. However as I mentioned earlier, I supply options. And that is the place these subsequent two protein powders come into play…

Plant JYM—the answer for meals allergic reactions and plant-based diets.

Why would you utilize a plant protein after all the above factors about Professional JYM? Easy: You are on a plant-based eating regimen or are delicate or allergic to whey, casein, and/or egg, and also you want an answer.

However not all plant proteins are equal. Almost each plant protein available on the market SUCKS. Why? A couple of causes. Initially, most use protein concentrates and are full of carbs. In actual fact, the carbs are sometimes greater than the protein quantity per serving. That is an enormous fail!

There are 4 issues with most plant proteins. I mounted all 4 with Plant JYM to make it much more anabolic than whey protein by itself. This is what I mounted…

4 issues with most plant protein powders:

  • Downside 1: Most plant proteins have too many carbs.
  • Downside 2: Most plant proteins have too little protein per serving
  • Downside 3: Most plant proteins have a foul amino acid profile, thus making them much less efficient for constructing muscle than whey and different sorts of animal proteins.
  • Downside 4: Most plant proteins style terrible! Let’s face it, all of the info on this planet imply nothing if it’s important to choke down your protein.

How Plant JYM solves these issues:

I used to be capable of create a plant protein powder that delivers 24 grams of protein per scoop, 0 grams of sugar, and solely 5 grams of carbs.

Plant JYM makes use of a mix of rice and pea protein isolates, not concentrates. Meaning the carbs are eliminated, and it additionally eliminates the gritty texture to assist create the best-tasting plant protein you could have ever had.

Lastly, as a way to maximize the muscle-building potential of Plant JYM and create a worthy different to Professional JYM, I added many key amino acids (together with BCAAs) to Plant JYM to match what’s in Professional JYM.

In case you have an allergy, are vegetarian or vegan, or simply need to add some selection and plant proteins to your eating regimen, Plant JYM is for you!

Iso JYM—pure whey protein isolate for gaining lean muscle.

Lastly, let’s cowl Iso JYM. What’s it? It is whey protein isolate, nothing extra. Why did I create it? As a result of, once more, I create options for you, the buyer.

Iso JYM gives 20 grams of protein and solely 1-2 grams of carbs per scoop! It is the proper possibility for these on low-carb diets trying to maximize muscle beneficial properties and fats loss—like somebody on the point of step onstage and needing to maintain carbs in examine whereas getting in much-needed protein. Or anybody simply trying to get shredded and keep lean, interval.

Whey protein that is gentle, refreshing, and ideal for low-carb diets.

Iso JYM is a transparent whey protein isolate obtainable in gentle, refreshing fruit flavors, which implies you possibly can actually drink it and go play a sport, elevate weights, or do another bodily exercise with out feeling full. All of my protein powders are nice round exercises, however some folks simply cannot drink a thick shake like Professional JYM or Plant JYM and go prepare. Iso JYM is ideal for these folks.

In case you have a sensitivity to casein or egg, are on a low-carb eating regimen, and/or have to bump up your protein consumption with out always feeling full, Iso JYM is for you!

3 nice proteins to select from!

Hope that clears up any questions you could have on what protein to succeed in for. I perceive it may be overwhelming, however that is why I am right here to assist. Make your alternative on what protein most closely fits your objectives—Professional JYM, Plant JYM, or Iso JYM—and begin maximizing your outcomes!

What else to take along with your protein:

Whether or not you’re taking Professional JYM, Iso JYM, or Plant JYM, I designed my complete JYM line to work as a system. That means, more often than not you may be taking not less than one different product alongside along with your protein powder.

Round exercises particularly (pre-workout and post-workout), you may need to mix your protein powder with both Pre JYM (pre-workout) or Post JYM (post-workout).

Iso JYM, for instance, can actually be blended with Pre JYM earlier than exercises or Put up JYM after exercises. I’ve a Inexperienced Apple Gummy taste for each Iso JYM and Put up JYM particularly for mixing the 2. Grape Iso JYM and Grape Sweet Pre JYM additionally go nicely collectively.

For those who’re utilizing Professional JYM, you possibly can combine the Tahitian Vanilla Bean taste with Mandarin Orange Put up JYM for a scrumptious orange creamsicle deal with. In any other case, you might not need to combine Professional JYM or Plant JYM with both Pre JYM or Put up JYM. On this case, take Professional JYM round an hour earlier than your exercise and Pre JYM inside half-hour of the exercise. Then, take Professional JYM proper after coaching and sip on Put up JYM after that for the following half-hour or so.

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