Are You at Danger for Iron Deficiency Anemia?

Lengthy earlier than Natalie Hayden, 38, was recognized with Crohn’s disease in 2005, she struggled with one other well being downside: anemia. “Fatigue and weak spells have been my largest points. I fainted in fourth grade on the trainer’s desk,” she mentioned. To this present day, she wonders if her anemia was an indication of what was to return with Crohn’s.

About 17% of premenopausal women in america are affected by iron deficiency anemia (IDA), that means their our bodies lack the iron wanted to supply wholesome pink blood cells that carry oxygen to organs and tissues.

Ladies are at larger danger of IDA as a result of they lose blood each month throughout their intervals, and plenty of circumstances are brought on by heavy periods (also called heavy uterine bleeding). However a lot of situations and illnesses are linked to IDA, and understanding these connections might assist ladies know whether or not they’re in danger.

Indicators you might have IDA

IDA isn’t all the time apparent, particularly since its signs might overlap with these of different well being situations. In Hayden’s case, it was exhausting to inform the place IDA ended and Crohn’s started. “Oftentimes it is tough to [tell the difference] between Crohn’s signs and anemia as a result of each could make you are feeling extraordinarily fatigued,” she mentioned.

Since ladies with situations resembling Crohn’s are already coping with quite a lot of signs, it’s vital to know what to look at for with regards to IDA. Signs embrace:

  • Weak spot
  • Excessive tiredness
  • Chilly fingers and ft
  • Pale pores and skin
  • Quick heartbeat
  • Headache
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Brittle nails

“We see numerous ladies who’re chronically anemic and won’t even comprehend it,” mentioned Dr. Heather Bartos, an OB-GYN, sexual well being knowledgeable and member of HealthyWomen’s Women’s Health Advisory Council. She added that these ladies usually have obscure signs along with fatigue, resembling low intercourse drive, melancholy, nervousness and shortness of breath.

In the event you’re experiencing any of those signs, speak to your healthcare supplier (HCP) — even when they’re brought on by one thing aside from IDA, they’re price mentioning.

Inflammatory bowel illness and IDA

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is an umbrella time period that covers Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, each of which contain irritation of the digestive tract. Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis share frequent signs like diarrhea and rectal bleeding, in addition to the potential to trigger IDA.

Individuals with IBD might have IDA as a result of continual irritation of the intestines can decrease your physique’s skill to soak up iron and different vitamins. Blood loss from intestinal bleeding can be an element.

“With Crohn’s, in case you are in an lively flare, there might be constant inner bleeding occurring that is not essentially seen in your stool however can nonetheless make you anemic,” Hayden mentioned.

Hayden has been taking a prescription multivitamin with iron since 2015, when she had bowel resection surgical procedure that put her Crohn’s in remission. Whereas her iron ranges have been steady since then, her gastroenterologist (GI physician) nonetheless checks them each three months to make sure.

Individuals with IBD who aren’t in remission like Hayden might not be capable to tolerate iron supplements as a result of they could be too exhausting on the digestive system if their IBD is flaring up. You’ll want to test along with your HCP earlier than taking iron and ask about remedies that may be taken when you’ve got bother with iron dietary supplements.

Most cancers and IDA

For individuals with cancer, IDA might be brought on by the most cancers itself. Some forms of most cancers (like lymphomas and breast cancer) can invade bone marrow, changing pink blood cells with most cancers cells. Others trigger the physique to overproduce cytokines, proteins that may decelerate the creation of pink blood cells. Lack of pink blood cells results in IDA.

Colleen Hayes, 48, was advised by her physician to take iron dietary supplements earlier than beginning chemo for breast most cancers in 2017. “It appeared as if it was assumed anemia would occur with the chemotherapy I used to be taking,” she mentioned.

Most cancers and chemotherapy also can have an effect on the way in which an individual eats. Lack of urge for food or mouth sores brought on by chemo generally make it exhausting for individuals with most cancers to get the vitamins they want, which may result in IDA.

Kidney illness and IDA

Anemia is common in people with kidney disease. When the kidneys are broken, they produce much less of a hormone referred to as erythropoietin (EPO) that helps produce pink blood cells. Having fewer pink blood cells means much less oxygen will get to your organs and tissues, leading to IDA.

Different causes of anemia associated to kidney illness embrace:

  • Malnutrition, that means the physique isn’t getting sufficient vitamins
  • Blood loss, particularly for individuals with kidney failure being handled with dialysis
  • An infection

IDA turns into more likely as kidney illness will get worse, so it’s a good suggestion to have your iron ranges checked usually when you’ve got kidney issues.

When unsure, get checked for IDA (and eat your greens)

With new analysis suggesting IDA could also be even more common than we realize, it’s vital for ladies who could also be in danger to speak to an HCP about getting their iron ranges checked. A easy blood test can inform you whether or not you will have IDA. “At all times ask your physician to test your iron shops, in addition to your blood rely, to search for ‘hidden’ anemia,” Bartos mentioned.

Dietary supplements and remedy apart, Bartos mentioned including sure meals to your eating regimen is an effective way to spice up your iron consumption. “Suppose darkish leafy greens (not the previous beef trick we’ve all the time been advised), beans, lentils and even potatoes,” she mentioned. She added that iron is healthier absorbed by the physique when paired with vitamin C, so toss some strawberries into your spinach salad for a wholesome dose.

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